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Night of the Dead

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A chilly autumn wind roared through the Moonglow Cemetery extinguishing my small lantern.   At the aged iron gates I saw a solitary guard approaching.  I knew I had been seen.

“I swear to you I am not a grave robber.  I need help!”  I blurted out awkwardly.  The guard said nothing in reply.  I knew why I would not be believed.  My clothes were filthy with graveyard dust and I had a shovel in my hand.  The silence of the guard did nothing to reassure me as he drew his blade.

“You’ve got to believe me sir, the undead are down there, hundreds of them.  They are building a tunnel.  Remember the ships!  They are coming, can’t you hear them digging?”

The guard said nothing but he watched me silently through the slits of his plate helmet.  He shambled closer and I could see that his hands were thick with decay; the fingers had rotted down to the bone.  I turned to run but there were more approaching, I was surrounded.  


The event will start on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 8:00 PM EST.  Search the island of Moonglow for clues and an entry into the tunnels.   The entry way will be near where you find clues indicating recent undead activity.   Certain individuals such as Inu and Selicus may also have clues.  Please note that you cannot get into the tunnels until the event starts.  The Night of the Dead event will continue on Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 8:30 PM EST.


Cancellation: Moonglow Woods Event

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The Moonglow Woods events that were listed on the calendar have been canceled for now. New events will be scheduled soon.  Thank you for your understanding!

Luna Fairgrounds Winners Announced

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Em Eris and Em Nestor are proud to announce the winner of the Luna Fairgrounds Design Contest; let's hear a round of applause for Buns of Glory!  It was very difficult to select a winner because each of the entries was spectacular and unique. 

After considerable deliberation it was decided that elements from the other entries will also be included in the completed fairgrounds.  AtlanticVlad and Zym Dragon who also submitted designs will also receive a plaque.  Below is a picture and description of Buns of Glory's design, please note that the final fairgrounds will include some changes and additions. 

Luna Fairgrounds


















"As you walk outside Luna you come to a long fence that’s filled with fire, this I believe will make people curious to see what has changed. When you first come to the entrance you see two signs one on each side. They shall read Luna Fairgrounds.

When coming into the gate you get two huge flames. As you continue you come upon the Stables, which will be able to not only work as a fully functional stable but also as a new battle chicken lizard fighting pen as you can see there is two sides one for each chicken then when said 3,2,1 GO! The chickens can be told to attack.

I think this will be a terrific addition to the fairgrounds keeping new people and old coming to participate. If you choose to go the other direction you come to a nice fountain and places to sit with flowers and an overall wonderful spot to sit down and chat with friends. After that you continue up the road you can either go to the stage where you can play instruments or you can act out plays for friends, sing or do anything entertaining.

You can go to the card tent to play all sorts of games and drink! Friends can relax with playing chess, checkers any game that they like the most. As you go up the road you come to an archery tent, you can practice your long shot or your short shot with lots of arrows available but be careful not to shoot the arrows over the Luna walls or the guards will come!

As you continue up the road you see a beautiful pond where you can not only sit and enjoy the beauty as you talk with friends or tell stories of what you have kill! Have nothing to talk about? Perfect! Go down the road to the fish shack and pick up a pole and go fishing in the pond!

I've heard the best place to fish is off the bridge but you didn't hear it from me! If you get tired and it's too late to depart to your next hunt or location you can stay in the camp next to the fishing shack. There are sleeping bags for you, food and my favorite booze! Tell campfire stories with your friends and have a wonderful time! I think that my design will offer multiple fun things to do! The tents should have roofs, however I wanted to show you what was in them. My park can be used for guild events, Role-playing events, EM event's whatever is needed it will be useful!"

Congratulations Buns of Glory, AtlanticVlad and Zym Dragon!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2009 16:46

Best Haunted House on Atlantic

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Decorate your house for Halloween between now and Noon on October 30, 2009 and enter the Best Haunted House Contest!  Email the coordinates to your house to EM Eris or EM Nestor and a description of your entry.  The winner of the contest will win a Golden Pumpkin award with the winner's name on it  at the EM Reward Hall.  Runes will be set out to entrant's houses for the duration of the contest.  The winner will be announced on Halloween.  The Deadline for entry is Noon on October 30, 2009.   Good luck!
Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2009 15:47

Announcing the Felucca Field Fight Championship

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This Saturday, a new champion and his army will appear to challenge all to an open Felucca field fight.   A moongate will appear at 7:00 EST at the Felucca Yew Moongate, Cove Bank and Serpent’s Hold bank in Trammel to the lair of the new champion.  Will you take control of the field long enough to slay the Lord of Felucca and claim his crown? 

Note:  There are no rules of engagement and this event will be held in Felucca.

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