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Dawn Request

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Dawn requests to see those heroes that did not receive a cloak of Silence yet!

Dawn would like to meet with those who did not receive a Cloak of Silence.  Please assemble at the Counselor Guild Hall in Britain Sunday August 23rd at  11:00 AM EST; should the assembly become disruptive the session will be ended. 

Last Updated on Friday, 21 August 2009 13:50

Missing Ships

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Reward offered:


The Vesper Merchants’ Association is looking for information about two ships that that were supposed to have docked two weeks ago in Vesper.  The names of the ships are the SS Eclipse and the SS Shadow; one was carrying bottles of rum, the other clothing.  If you have any information, please contact the Vesper Merchants’ Association. The reward is 25,000 gold coins.   

More to come..........


Reward Hall

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The Reward Hall:


Please excuse the appearance of the reward hall; I hope to have the decoration completed this week.  Donations of flowers and such can still be made (I could use some hedges if anyone has some to spare).  I do hope that everyone has seen the amazing fountain in the front yard of the reward Hall, there is a teleporter to the reward hall next to the Britain Counselor’s Guild.


Dawn to Return!

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Dawn to Return:

I have received word from Dawn’s scribe Telus that she will be making an address soon; because there is great danger, the location cannot be posted in public; Telus has left a series of Tomes that contain a trail of clues to follow.  The clues should be easy to follow for anyone that knows Dawn.   The first clue is located at Dawn’s little cottage, which continues to burn. 


Dawn's Burning House

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Dawn's House

A conversation was recently overheard at the Blue Boar Tavern between two aides to Casca:

  The aides were discussing Casca’s growing displeasure with his subjects.  The aides remarked that Casca felt the Citizens were ungrateful for the peace and prosperity that Casca had worked so hard to provide.  Casca was greatly annoyed that even after the reconstruction of the West Britain bank, it goes unappreciated.  After several mugs of ale the aides let slip that Casca was starting to become paranoid, seeing plots around every corner.  Casca has decided that a show of his strength was needed to remind his subjects who their true king is; he ordered the burning of Dawn’s house at the edge of yew.  The ramblings of the aides become too mumbled to comprehend as more ale crossed their lips.


Last Updated on Monday, 03 August 2009 21:58
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