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Weather permitting.

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I am working on setting up tonight's event, it is a self paced event that is mostly fiction and background for the next two events.

That being said, weather is predicted to be pretty bad in my area today and tonight... If I haven't posted a starting point by event time it is because I don't have power or something... if the event isnt started tonight, Ill get it up ASAP.

EM Bennu invites you to join him in May.

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I invite you to join me in partaking in a series of loosely related events here in May.

May 20th @8pm EST
May 26th @8pm EST
May 29th @8pm EST

Further details will follow prior to the scheduled times. 


The Books, The Stones, The Egg, and The Darkened Mirror. (Act I Fiction)

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“Lady Amandine, come in,” King Blackthorn stood in chivalric response to the entrance of a Lady.

“You asked to see me Your Majesty?” Lady Amandine stood at attention, her military bearing shining through her bright blue civilian dress.

“Don’t give me that, sit down Amandine. Stop being so damned official.”

“You ARE the King Your Magesty,” Her tone was far from sarcastic, simply showing respect for the crown and her friend.

“My friend ‘returned’ another book.”

“And this one isn’t one of yours either? You said the first one came from your friends own library.” Amandine sat and leaned forward slightly to see the two open books that lay on the board they played Chess on nightly.

“No, no. He is sending them in the most mundane ways too. Squires and messengers nothing secret or suspicious. It is all under the guise of returning these books to me, I think they are simply vessels to deliver the codes.” The King looked frustrated going over each separate string of coded message.

“So, this is the first one?” Amandine picked up the first book that had been delivered and read the handwritten line written in the inside margin of page four.


Next to the encoded line a small ankh surrounded by an outline that resembled a shield. It was the symbol of the disbanded Knights of the Crux Ansata.

The King looked across the table, “This is obviously some sort of Crux Ansata code. You don’t know how to decipher it?”

“Not at all, remember how I told you I inherited the Crux Ansata after the Massacre on the Beach? I was just a squire, not privy to all the secrets and mysteries. I have never even seen this code before, the little shield and Ankh, sure I’ve seen that all over the place. I have even used the symbol myself in my handwritten notes, but I’ve never seen a code like this Your Majesty.” Amandine reached for the second book and placed it next to the first.


“They are the same length,” The King noted.

“Do you think that means anything?”

“No idea.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I wrote the first one off as an eccentricity of my friend, but two notes in two days seems a bit more insistent. I do not think this is a game. I am worried.” The Kings dark grey eyes pierced into Lady Amandine.

The two of them sat for a very long time, in seats they had both grown accustomed to, yet the two of them simply poured over the codes and became more and more frustrated. The nightly game of chess had taken a different form, and the both of them were stumped.

“Regardless of the message, I think you need to pay him a visit. But I do not want you to go alone.”

“Please don’t send me with Dupre…”

“I thought you two kissed and made up?”

Lady Amandine made a sour face and stuck out her tongue in disgust.

“There is the Lady!” the King laughed, finally managing to break her officiality of the evening.

Lady Amandine tossed the book in her hand on the table and crossed her arms, “What did you have in mind?”

“Something a bit more official.” The King walked to his desk and retrieved a small package; something wrapped in oiled leather and tied with a silk ribbon.

Lady Amandine held the package close; she knew instantly what was inside.

“I return to you the Sword Caliburn, and with it your Knights… the Royal Knights of the Crux Ansata. I signed your new charter this morning.” The King remained standing, a wry smile on his face.

“I do not know if many will answer the call, it has been a long time.” Lady Amandine looked a bit defeated as she placed the sword at her hip.

“I was gone for years, they made me King.” He laughed. “Gather your Knights. The land has need of you and yours.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Lady Amandine practically ran out of the room, there was much work to be done.


Wednesday April 24th, 2013 @9pm EST the Royal Knights of the Crux Ansata are hereby called to muster within the throne room of our Sacred Majesty King Blackthorn of Britannia.

Wear your best, sheathe your weapons, leave your animals outside.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 09:51

April 2013 Plans - The Return of the Knights of the Crux Ansata

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As requested, the first part of the month Ill be doing mini-events and RPC interactions. posting fiction and the like. Looks for Amandine and Adamu in game randomly. Also look for random happenings across Britannia and Sosaria as a whole, randomness will be happening with no warning.

Monthly Tease: King Blackthorn turns to Lady Amandine to handle a sensitive matter and the battle hardened Knights of the Crux Ansata return to the forefront to spearhead the defense of Britannia.

Sage Nicosaen continues to preach at the black tower west of Britain, what will he pull out of his well next?

Planned Event #1:  April 21st 2013 @9pm EST - The Abyss.
Tease: Sage Nicosaen stands atop his tower and peers down into the Font of Oblivion, what will he see?

Planned Event #2:  April 24th 2013 @9pm EST - Testing Their Resolve.
Tease: King Blackthorn turns to Lady Amandine to test the resolve of an ally that is acting suspiciously.


As always, these events MAY change dates/times since they are planned so far in advance.

Atlantic Event Summary for March 2013

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Shard: Atlantic
Date: March 2013

Monthly Tease: With the Union no longer hampering his efforts, Sage Nicosaen of the Fount of Oblivion continues to construct a large foreboding tower near the outer limits of Britain. What mysteries and secrets will the tower hold?

Planned Event #1: March 10th 2013 @10pm EST - A Miner's Plight
Tease: Sage Nicosaen directs his disciples to the plight of a miner that has been assisting him with his construction efforts.

Planned Event #2: March 14th 2013 @10pm EST - From the Skies to Oblivion
Tease: The Capstone of the Tower of Oblivion is set into place, Sage Nicosaen begins the first of many sermons.

Disclaimer: Dates may change, and more events may pop up later in the month depending on several factors.

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