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Murder in Skara Brae!

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"Ill cut you to ribbons ye' damned fool!" Chase screamed into the night.

"I didn'ay touch yer sister Chase, we wuz jus' talkin!" Felton reached out to touch his friend's shoulder.

These two peasants had known each other since childhood. What little schooling either of them had, they had attended together. Felton had long been in love with Chase's sister Charlene and finally had gotten the courage to tell her.

"Leave him alone Chase!" Charlene called from the doorway of the Shattered Skull Inn.

"Stay out of this strumpet!" Chase called out and reached for his father's sword that hung at his waist.

The short few seconds later would be etched in the memory of the town of Skara Brae for generations. Tensions had been high for more than a month, since 'the Union' had expanded into Skara Brae and murder would be the tipping point.

"Never let a tragedy go to waste." The Union boss whispered into the ear of the Mayor of Skara Brae.

There had been a murder in Skara Brae, and the Union took notice.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 12:24

24th Feb 2013 @ 9pm EST.

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We will be having an event related to the current Arc on 24th Feb 2013 @ 9pm EST.

Details will emerge this week through fiction both in game and out of game the remainder of this week.

More details will follow.


EM Tiberies Events for the week beginning Sunday February 17

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EM Tiberies Events for the week beginning Sunday February 17.

Event one:
On Wednesday February 20, at 8pm Eastern, gather at the West Britain Counselors' Guild Hall for a redo of the recently-postponed event.

The title of this event, "The Seven Tears," has not changed, but unfortunately the earlier structure has proven unsustainable under present conditions.

Event two:
On Saturday, February 23, at Noon Eastern, gather at the West Britain Counselors' Guild Hall for an event that will be suggested by and follow up from the "Seven Tears" event.

The Saturday event will be called "She, the Forever Undying."

The Saturday event will be able to proceed more-or-less as originally planned.

Happy Valentines Day!.

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Happy Valentines Day!

The seasonal event is up, and available. It starts at Luna Bank.

EM Tiberies Event, Saturday February 16, Noon Eastern

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There will be an EM Tiberies event, this Saturday, February 16, at Noon Eastern.

This year's reenactment of the long-ago walk of the monk Brialla of the Seven Tears from Yew to Minoc has been threatened by the Mondain Cult known as We, the Forgotten.

You will be providing security for the walk.

Gather outside the Yew Abbey.

(This event has nothing directly to do with Valentine's Day.)

This event will be entitled "The Seven Tears."

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