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Lord Josiah Havel, Royal Archaeologist

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Lord Josiah Havel was born to simple origins as the son of a Cheese Monger. His early life was marked by hard work in the fields and tending to cattle all the while helping to maintain a presence in his fathers’ cheese shop.

            At the age of sixteen Josiah enlisted in the Chaos Dragoons under Lord Blackthorn.The ideals of chaos appealed to him as it did to many young men of that era. As Lord Blackthorn began his descent into madness Josiah had enough bloodshed to last a lifetime and by age 21 deserted his post and returned to Britannia. He was quickly denounced as a traitor and put into Yew prison for over a year, he later regained his honor by serving as a tactical advisor in the long war against the crazed Blackthorn and his armies.

            Josiah’s life took a sudden shift when he was summoned by his sister due to the discovery of artifacts from an ancient war in the fields of his (Now deceased) Father. Josiah took to the work of research and cataloging well, and the history and tactile sensation of holding items of historical value captivated him.

            In his life since, and over the past 30 years Josiah has been called on by many groups and organizations throughout Britannia, more recently Queen Dawn.

            He is calm and reserved, if a bit impatient. Despite his rebellious teen years he abhors his service to Lord Blackthorn and rarely talks about it if he can avoid it. He is however very proud of his contributions to the world and of his military service.


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