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Murder in Skara Brae!

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"Ill cut you to ribbons ye' damned fool!" Chase screamed into the night.

"I didn'ay touch yer sister Chase, we wuz jus' talkin!" Felton reached out to touch his friend's shoulder.

These two peasants had known each other since childhood. What little schooling either of them had, they had attended together. Felton had long been in love with Chase's sister Charlene and finally had gotten the courage to tell her.

"Leave him alone Chase!" Charlene called from the doorway of the Shattered Skull Inn.

"Stay out of this strumpet!" Chase called out and reached for his father's sword that hung at his waist.

The short few seconds later would be etched in the memory of the town of Skara Brae for generations. Tensions had been high for more than a month, since 'the Union' had expanded into Skara Brae and murder would be the tipping point.

"Never let a tragedy go to waste." The Union boss whispered into the ear of the Mayor of Skara Brae.

There had been a murder in Skara Brae, and the Union took notice.
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