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A Series of Documents from the desk of the Mayor of Skara Brae.

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A Series of Documents from the desk of the Mayor of Skara Brae.

People of Skara Brae,

I know I speak for all of you when I say that I am deeply saddened and troubled by the tragedy that has struck our tiny city of Skara Brae. Within Britannia we are known as a peaceful, quiet hamlet that sets an example of peace and prosperity to our nation.

The tragic events two evenings ago outside the Shattered Skull tavern has struck a chord with me and I feel an overwhelming sense of personal responsibility to make sure that such an incident can never happen again.

I feel that in this instance both parties of this incident are victims. While it is true, one lies dead in the street and the other hides out of shame. It is not the peaceful loving and good people involved that are responsible for this terrible tragedy. It is of course the tool and instrument of the murder that is of to blame! Good people do not kill one another, I am of the impression that it is indeed the sword that is to be blamed for this terrible act!

I have issued a pardon to the man known as Chase the Murderer. After speaking with him, I am convinced that while his hand did hold the blade, it is the blade that is responsible, not the man wielding it!

I will be signing into law a moratorium on all bladed weapon sales starting immediately. Any merchant caught selling a bladed weapon over a length of 3 inches shall be imprisoned and their goods confiscated! I am also signing into law a prohibition on all private possession of all bladed weapons of a length longer than three inches, this also punishable by imprisonment. Any person seen in the streets of Skara Brae while in possession of a bladed weapon shall be considered an enemy of the state and be met with all force needed to disarm them.

Weapons are the enemy, without a sword this tragedy would not have happened and our city would not be in the throws of such terrible acts.

I have enlisted the assistance of 'the Union' to bolster the city guard to enforce this new era of peace in our streets. Our friends at the Union are a shining example to all of us and how organization and a grass roots effort can enter a larger group and show us the error of our ways. I urge you to welcome the Unionists on our streets and to embrace these new laws.

Remember, these changes are being made for your protection!

In your service,
Marshall Blackwell, Mayor of Skara Brae
- - -

Skara Brae Charter and Criminal Code, Article 15 Section 4: All bladed weapons of a length longer than three inches, by the King's measurement, are hereby outlawed within the territories and realm of Skara Brae. Any merchant or citizen found in possession of such a weapon is to be considered a violent criminal, terrorist and insurgent. All force is authorized, including lethal force to disarm such an individual.
- - -

*a scrap of paper* Blackwell, time for phase two. ~ Union, Billy and Bob.


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