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"Union Busting" - Sunday, February 24th @ 9pm EST

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Lord Wellings took pen to paper and penned out a call for protest...

Friends of Britannia,

Brothers and Sisters of Britannia! As many of you know the city of Skara Brae has recently enacted laws which run contrary and independent of the Kings Law and seeks to displace the established freedoms and protections we are all offered under the Kings Grace!

I invite each and every free and loyal Britannian to join with me in the streets of Skara Brae, starting at the Community Center this Sunday at 9pm EST! We shall march and peacefully gather in protest of this travesty of justice, bring a sword and display it proudly!

We shall not be moved.

~The Falcon of New Magincia

"I hope that will do it," Adamu said to himself and handed the page to a squire to be copied and distributed.
"Should be an interesting evening." Lady Amandine winked at Adamu as the squire ran out of the room.


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