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April 2013 Plans - The Return of the Knights of the Crux Ansata

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As requested, the first part of the month Ill be doing mini-events and RPC interactions. posting fiction and the like. Looks for Amandine and Adamu in game randomly. Also look for random happenings across Britannia and Sosaria as a whole, randomness will be happening with no warning.

Monthly Tease: King Blackthorn turns to Lady Amandine to handle a sensitive matter and the battle hardened Knights of the Crux Ansata return to the forefront to spearhead the defense of Britannia.

Sage Nicosaen continues to preach at the black tower west of Britain, what will he pull out of his well next?

Planned Event #1:  April 21st 2013 @9pm EST - The Abyss.
Tease: Sage Nicosaen stands atop his tower and peers down into the Font of Oblivion, what will he see?

Planned Event #2:  April 24th 2013 @9pm EST - Testing Their Resolve.
Tease: King Blackthorn turns to Lady Amandine to test the resolve of an ally that is acting suspiciously.


As always, these events MAY change dates/times since they are planned so far in advance.


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