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June 2013 Plans: To Crack an Egg

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Event #1:

Name of event: A walk in the park

Description:  Investigations into the Egg continue, Sage Nicosaen steps up his rhetoric.

Where: Castle Blackthorn

Date: 19th of June

Time: 8pm EST


Event #2:

Name of event: Practical Dragon Rearing

Description:  The Egg Hatches!

Where: Castle Blackthorn

Date: 24th of June

Time: 8pm EST


Event #3:

Name of event: All the Kings Men.

Description:  The Royal Council will have their first meeting with the King on the 29th of June at 8pm EST. All further meetings will take place the last Sunday of the Month at 8pm EST.

Where: Castle Blackthorn

Date: 29th of June

Time: 8pm EST



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