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August 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

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August 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

Taweret Event: Tuesday, August 13th @ 1pm EST - @ Skara Brae Community Center
In the Steps of the Humble - "A feud between the Skara mainland and the Island turns ugly!"

Bennu Event: Sunday, August 18th @ 8pm EST - @ Blackthorn Castle Courtyard
Crux Ansata Event: "The Crux Ansata is called to muster for drill practice! Be in formation."

Taweret Event: Wednesday, August 21st @ 11pm EST - @ Moonglow Graveyard
The Wrath of Khantaberos - "A spirit makes contact and tells of a fearsome foe!"

Bennu Event: Thursday, August 22nd @ 8pm EST - @ Sheon's Cave (Gate from EM Hall Provided)
Crux Ansata Event: "Sheon takes the first steps down the path toward his destiny."

Conseil du Roi, Sunday, August 25th @ 8pm EST - @ Castle Blackthorn
"King Blackthorn of Britannia meets with the Governors to discuss issues that plague the realm."


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