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A Pairing of events for October.

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As most of you have noticed, I have not posted a schedule for October. This has been by design.

For the Return to Britannia promotion, Taweret and I decided it was best to 'fill the space' of our time with random, unannounced, flavor style events, increasing the events we do but have them announced only via town crier. This has been done at least twice a week starting October 1st. I believe we have done 6 so far between the two of us.

We felt it important to do things that make the world seem alive, and changing. While we do these events normally every month, they have increased in number quite a bit during RTB.

That being said, there will still be two major events on Atlantic this month.

 #0: Conseil du Roi, Sunday October 26th @ 8pm Eastern.
Meet in the Royal Council Chambers.

#1: Knights of the Crux Ansata promotions. It has been over a year since the last set of promotions, to be honest its easier on me to file all the data and then do all the paperwork at once. So as we near the end of the year/season it is time to reward those who have shown loyalty, honor and distinguished themselves among the Knights of the Crux Ansata.

Wednesday, October 29th 2014 @ 8pm Eastern.
Meet at the Castle Blackthorn Courtyard.

If you have been attending Crux Ansata events over the past 18 months (Hopefully with the same character), I highly suggest you attend. Even if you are not due a promotion, there will be a small event afterwords (Time permitting) for those with the patience to sit through over a years worth of promotions. This event will likely run rather long.

#2: Halloween event. I will be assisting Taweret with her Halloween event that she has written.

Thursday, October 30th 2014 @ 8pm Eastern.
Meet at Castle Blackthorn Throne Room.

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