UOEM Atlantic

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Where to find the EM Hall

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counselor's HallVisit Atlantic's Event Moderators at the Britain Counselor's Hall in Trammel, Wedding House and Reward Hall in Malas.

The Britain Counselor's Hall

The Britain Counselor's Hall is where the Event Moderators hold meetings and mixers with the community.  The Counselor's Hall is considered an out of character/no combat zone.  We like to use it following events to get feedback, answer questions and to get to know everyone. 

Outside of the Counselor's Hall is a Wedding Planning House where you can leave us messages and requests for weddings. If you double click on the snowy patch it will send you instantly to the EM Reward's Hall in Malas.

EM Rewards Hall

The EM Rewards Hall is where trophies and plaques won by players are displayed.  You can also see past event items and tour our library.  Use the mailbox to leave us notes, books and plant donations for the garden.  Check the reward hall often to see new and interesting features.

EM Reward Hall



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